Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bind a File with Your MP3 Music File

1. Choose 'container' mp3 by clicking 'Select source mp3' button
- You may check maximum hidden data size that previously selected mp3 can handle 
by clicking 'Max. Hidden Size'
- You may check selected mp3 info by clicking 'Get mp3 info'
2. Choose a file you want to hide by clicking 'Select Hidden File'
- You may check file size after encryption and compression by clicking 'Size after 
3. Type your password in the provided textbox. Do not forget this password since this 
application have no input for confirmation password.

4. Click 'Hide It!' to begin hiding data. Please be patient since the algorithm is not
optimized, so, the application maybe look not responding.
5. For example, if your source mp3 is 'one.mp3', the stegged-mp3 result will have file
name 'one.mp3-steg.mp3' located in the same folder as 'one.mp3'

==============To reveal/get hidden file inside mp3===========
1. type your password in the textbox provided. Wrong password will cause damaged
result file.
2. Choose stegged-mp3 file by clicking 'Select Stegged-mp3'.
3. Click 'Reveal!' to begin revealing hidden file.
4. For example, if your stegged-mp3 file is 'one.mp3-steg.mp3' and you hidden data is
'.jpg' file, result file will have file name 'one.mp3-steg.mp3.jpg' located in the same
folder as 'one.mp3-steg.mp3'.

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