Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cracking MD5 Hashes

In case you did not already know, MD5 is not an encryption, and therefore cannot be decrypted, only cracked.

Firstly you need to download this software called 'Password Pro'. It's in a .zip file you you should be prepared (Just saying lol, because on my other thread some noob asked how to open it). Then extract everything into a folder.

Download link

It should look like this once you have extracted this:
[Image: 11987894.png]

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be cracking this hash: "6dcd0f272fbb7f6f8ff3a8a5e96c45aa:Ws)", which is formatted as "Hash:Salt", and is from VBulletin 4.x.x.

Open up notepad, paste in the Hash and salt, and save it anywhere on your computer, preferably in the same folder as Password Pro:
[Image: 56139940.png]

Open up Password Pro and go to "File->Import":
[Image: 84755402.png]

Find the place where you saved the text file with the hash inside of it, and open it.
Fill in the boxes as such:
[Image: 13377943.png]
The bottom is the formatting of the hash and salt in the text file, and the top is the algorithm for VBulletin 4.x

Now, go to "Audit->Preliminary Attack"
(For this hash, as it is simple, it should probably crack it with just this.):
[Image: 63893726.png]

Hit the start button, and watch it go:
[Image: 70193249.png]

If, in the case that a Preliminary Attack does not work, just repeat the previous steps with a Rainbow Attack (If you have a Rainbow Table), a Simple Dictionary Attack, or a Brute Force Attack.

Thats all...

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