Monday, March 12, 2012

TinyFileBrowser ~ Remote file Upload Vulnerability

Title : TinyFileBrowser  ~ Remote file Upload Vulnerability
Google Dork : "inurl:tinybrowser/upload.php"

Lets Start : Open or you country dOmain like and enter This dork

 Vulnerable website's title will TinyBrowser :: Upload in search results
and in sOme sites it will show you website directory in title :)
click on Vulnerable website only ... igNore sOme extra results

For uploading Your files click on upload ... and click on browse to view Your Uploaded File :)
you can upload [.html],[.txt],[.jpg],[.gif],[.bmp] [.php not allowed] but atleast you can try as
php.jpg :P ... but in sOme websites you can upload images and txt file Only .. but
dont worry ... u can notify your deface as image or text file :D

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