Monday, March 12, 2012

Website Hacking With Moxiecode File Browser

Hi Guys ! i'm uploading new tutorial after a Long Time ... sorry for making you wait, and
i more thing i saw many bloggers copying my orignal Blog Posts, so dont visit these types
of blogs, & for the bloggers who copying my blog posts : remeber my webste is PR 4, google boat
catchs my every post in 1-2 minuts i have my copyright so i can delete your blog any time :)
if u want to sahre a article for educatniol propose then please give me a backlinks below posts,

Les start Now,

Open and enter this dork intitle:Moxiecode File browser filetype:php
select website from search results
The Exploit url will be like this


Live Demo :
(Demo site is patched its just a example ... Find a new site for uploading your deface)

after Going to This page see icons in header of page, serach for upload
new file icon

after clicking on Upload new file icon you'll see a new pop up for upload new files

for Preview your uploaded file go to : if you uploaded a image
and if you have uploded .html file see it here

or http://[site]/../../js/tiny_mce/plugins/filemanager/files/deface.html

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